Sunday, November 11, 2007

Soccer in Kobe

On Saturday, November 10th, we went on a day trip to Kobe with our Australian friends, Jodi and Johnno. We started with a great meal of Okanomiake and some shopping. We then, ventured to the Kobe soccer stadium to see the game, and were are about to get in line to buy our tickets when a man with a British accent stopped us. "Do you all have tickets?" Of course we were skeptical at first, but when he didn't make us pay for the tickets we accepted them (who wouldn't)!!! The free tickets we received, which I am sure had to do with Joe Casey's amazing luck, were situated about 10 rows from the field. It was awesome! We were rooting for the Kobe Vissels, whose name comes from the words vessel and victory. Leave it to the Japanese to be so clever! We ended the night with dinner and a few drinks at a local bar. It was a an awesome time!