Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sister Suzy and Cousin Gabrielle in Japan

Visitors, visitors, visitors!! After 9 months of none at all, the past two months Joe and I have been busy hosting visitors galore. This month Sister Suzy and Gabrielle have come. We have jam-packed as much Japanese culture and experience into 10 days, including:
Udon, print viewing, shopping downtown, Hiroshima, Miyajima, Kyoto, Sushi Row, Kobe, Himeji night-life, the Himeji Museum, Shopping at Casual Shot for "Engrish" t-shirts, Tegara Park, exercise on "Aneurysm Hill", Tea Ceremony, River City Mall shopping, Okinomiyaki at the Kousaka's restaurant, Ikebana with Eiko, a Himeji Castle tour with Toshi and Keiko, a hike up Mt. Shosha, a relaxing half day at Akane no Yu Japanese onsen, and of course delicious food and tons of shopping!!!
We have laughed, laughed, talked, laughed, gone sight-seeing, and laughed some more. This quick, yet jam-packed vacation, has been memorable and more enjoyable than we could have dreamed!

Kyoto and Kobe

Karaoke and Jazzercise combined...Suzy and Gabrielle before the Himeji Castle Tour

Suzy and Gabrielle learning Ikebana with Eiko...At Tegara Park

Print viewing in Himeji

Bike ride around the Himeji Castle Moat

Joe and Suzy in Kyoto...Suzy in front of the floating Tori gate in Miyajima

We look forward to our next visitor...JP CASEY!!!

We're having a baby...

Here are a few pictures of what life is like pregnant in Japan. The food is delicious here, but doesn't help the cravings much... We sure are lucky to be experiencing a healthy pregnancy during our year long adventure!

In Kobe with Sister Suzy and Kyoto with Joe

Waiting for the bus in Himeji