Saturday, February 23, 2008


Our friend, Mayumi, was nice enough to act as our travel agent and found us a great deal on a trip to Mount Fuji. So, at 7:00am on February 9th, Joe and I, along with our friends Rob and Lyn, hopped on a tour guide bus and headed out on a yet another adventure. We were the only 4 English speaking folks on the bus, which was rather interesting. We have learned quite a bit of Nihongo (Japanese), but it wasn't enough to understand our female tour guide, who talked on her microphone for an entire 7 hours on the way there! YIKES!

Anyhow, when we arrived to our fantastic hotel, we put on our "Yukatas" and enjoyed an amazing Japanese dinner, then onsen (hot spring). The next morning, we had another great meal and took a cable car up to the mountain. It was snowy and beautiful. We were really lucky because we had a clear view of Fuji, which is very rare in the winter. After that, we took a pirate ship across the lake, which gave us an incredible view of Fuji. After that we spent some time walking around the town and eating yet another wonderful meal. Finally, we hopped back on with our new Japanese friends and journeyed home. It was a fun, jam-packed couple of Fuj-filled days.

Mr and Mrs. Casey in their "Yukatas"

Delicious dinner

The captain and first mate aboard the pirate ship.